Book Dish: Stupid & Contagious

It's a manic May. I have just read one of the laugh out loud- funniest books ever. I don't actually think that I have laughed out loud at a book before. Usually I reserve this sort of response for a really funny movie like Wedding Crashers, or a silly instant message. But here you have it, straight from my fancy book reviewer mouth, I declare Stupid & Contagious, the funniest (in a smart way) book ever.

Stupid and Contagious is When Harry Met Sally for the 21st century, plain and simple. In a way that did not make me crazy for once, Caprice Crane's characters Heaven and Brady are portrayed in almost an Attention Deficit Disorder inner dialogue that just works. Chapters are shared between Heaven and Brady as they meet each other, and Crane introduces them more in each chapter using their inner ADD. I laughed out loud exactly 100 times during this novel, which makes it interesting for my husband who is trying to sleep next to me while I review. You can tell that Crane is a veteran of TV writing, the novel is snappy, addictive, and is a perfect mix between chick lit and that other word that rhymes with chick (for boys).

Read it, love it, laugh out loud.