Stupid and Contagious
by Caprice Crane

5 Spot/Warner Books
Reviewed by Guy Wegener

Brady Gilbert hates the window seat on airplanes, preferring the aisle seat. And who wouldn't? You don't have to ask complete strangers to move when you need to get up and out. "It's like needing a hall pass in school, but worse." Heaven Albright is just as neurotic. She has a "People I Hate" list which GE Smith of Saturday Night Live fame is on, simply for looking like a skeleton and mugging the camera.

When Brady moves next door to Heaven, it turns into a match made in hell. But they find comfort in the other's oddness and romance blossoms after they each do a bit of soul searching. Caprice Crane's, Stupid and Contagious is a truly refreshing novel. Told in the first person by the two main characters, the story zips along at an entertaining pace. It's fun to see how the characters describe events shared by each of them. Needless to say, both have their own quirky spin on things. To say that there are numerous laugh-out-loud moments is an understatement. And being a loud laugher myself, I attracted numerous stares by New York City subway passengers during those trips on the train where I read Stupid and Contagious. But like Heaven, I didn't mind the stares and dared anyone to ask me "what's so funny," because I would have launched into my Stupid and Contagious is a gem of a book routine. I look forward to Ms. Crane's next novel. Not only that, but I look forward to the cinematic release of Stupid and Contagious. I don't know if there are plans for one, but this is too good to be passed on by Hollywood. Jenna Elfman as Heaven gets my vote!

Armchair Interviews says: Always great to find a truly refreshing novel.