With a Little Luck – First Review is a Rave!

Crane, Caprice. With a Little Luck. Bantam. Aug. 2011. c.320p. ISBN 9780553386240. pap. $15.

Berry Lambert does not feel lucky, despite her given name, Beryl, considered a token of good luck. Or so her professional gambler father has always told her. Some would say being a 28-year-old late-night classic rock radio DJ would belie her beliefs, but this gig follows a life of superstitious behavior, black cat avoidance, preferences for odd numbers over even, and bad relationships that run in threes (how odd). True to form, after two near misses with men, Berry isn’t looking forward to the trumped-up date with Ryan Riley, the Dr. Love advice expert on sister station KKRL. He is cute, with a droll sense of humor, but he’s the third guy. Need she say more? Yet everyone seems gung ho for the possible ratings boost, especially her boss and the corporate bigwigs. Even (odd?) her best friend, Natalie, would like nothing more than for Berry to rid herself of her father’s neediness and her own disaster-evading premeditation. Good luck! VERDICT Crane (Family Affair) is one of the funniest writers of popular fiction around. The dialog (inner and outer) is laugh-out-loud, snort-inducing hilarious. And though Berry’s issues seriously affect her view of the world, readers will want to cross their fingers and spit while throwing salt over their shoulders if it helps Berry reach her dreams. Highly recommended.—Bette-Lee Fox, Library Journal

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