So what am I working on these days?

Mostly, my tan. Just kidding. I totally stay out of the sun.

Up next for me in the book world is a young adult novel tackling mental health amid the high school set and two film projects that are currently in development. Until then, you can check out my twitter page, my instagram, and my previous novels, if you haven’t already. But you have, right? Because – seriously – if not, what are you waiting for?

Check out past projects I’ve worked on in the sections below…

Melrose Place

In an elegant Spanish-style apartment complex in the trendy Melrose neighborhood of Los Angeles, the lives and relationships of a diverse group of 20-somethings intertwine to form a close-knit surrogate family. An updated version of the popular 1990s series, MELROSE PLACE is from CBS Television Studios.

Check out the episodes written by Caprice below!

Riley (Jessica Lucas) helps Jonah (Michael Rady) film a wedding, but the two get into a big fight in the middle of the ceremony. Putting her relationship with Jonah first, Riley breaks off her friendship with Auggie (Colin Egglesfield), who doesn’t take the news very well. Ella (Katie Cassidy) discovers Lauren’s (Stephanie Jacobsen) expensive new clothing and lingerie plus a large envelope of cash and confronts her roommate about the late nights she’s been working. David (Shaun Sipos) fears he may be responsible for Sydney’s (Laura Leighton) death. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Thomas Calabro also star.

“Stoner Canyon”
Sexy Drew Pragin (Nick Zano) moves into Auggie’s old apartment and immediately clashes with Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen). She becomes even more upset when he shows up at the hospital as the newest resident. Riley (Jessica Lucas) asks Ben (guest star Billy Campbell) for a job, which infuriates Amanda (Heather Locklear), and David (Shaun Sipos) receives life-changing news from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Ella (Katie Cassidy) makes an unrealistic demand of Jonah (Michael Rady) that backfires.


An edgy, contemporary spin-off of the iconic drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” the new “90210″ looks at life through the eyes of Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”) and her brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds, “The Wire”), whose first day at West Beverly Hills High School leaves no doubt they’re not in Kansas anymore. The Wilson family, including dad Harry (Rob Estes, “Melrose Place”) and mom Debbie (Lori Loughlin, “Summerland”), has relocated to Beverly Hills to keep an eye on Harry’s mother Tabitha (Jessica Walter, “Arrested Development”), a feisty-but-faded former television star and a charter member of the Betty Ford Clinic.

Check out the episodes written by Caprice below!

“Hollywood Forever”
During a school drug bust Naomi takes Adrianna’s drugs from her and tries to dispose of them, but she is caught. Adrianna plans to come forward, but ends up over dosing. Annie and Ethan grow closer through a class assignment about parenthood. Silver throws a party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery celebrating her half-birthday. Tracy informs Harry that she hired a private investigator to find their son. New “student” Kimberly—revealed to be an undercover cop—shakes things up at West Beverly High and “flirts” with Ryan who tells her to keep her distance.

“Life’s a Drag”
In an attempt to get close to Liam (guest star Matt Lanter), Naomi offers to be his math tutor, but she gets more than she bargains for when he takes her out for a wild night. It turns out that Liam races and when someone tries to talk to Naomi, Liam comes over and punches the guy in the face. Silver takes a class assignment a little too far when she creates a video that documents her love for Dixon. When Silver screens the video for her fellow students, everyone, including Ryan, is shocked when they see Dixon and Silver in an intimate situation.

“That Which We Destroy”
Annie and Naomi’s feud reaches new highs, Harry and Debbie welcome Sean into their home and invite him to move in while Dixon feels jealous towards Sean. Kelly visits Brenda, but Kelly is shocked when Brenda reveals she slept with Ryan. Naomi branches out and begins to hang out with the Blendeds, a group of senior girls. Silver is threatened by Christina, a cheerleader for the lacrosse team, when she shows too much interest in Dixon. Ozzie makes Naomi an indecent proposal to impress the Blendeds.

90210 Season 1 (The season with Caprice’s episodes) is now on DVD. Order yours here.

Passing The Time

“Passing The Time” is a short film written and directed by Caprice Crane. With dual purposes: 1. to show Caprice’s talent as a writer/director and; 2. to promote her novel “Forget About It.”

The short is not based on the book (because there is a full-length feature film in the works) but both the book and the film explore amnesia as a medical condition and a wish — wanting to forget..needing a break.

In “Forget About It,” the main character decides to fake amnesia in order to reinvent herself. In “Passing The Time,” the male lead has amnesia when we meet him, and we go on a journey to figure out what happened and who he is…

“Forget About It” hit bookstores in August 2007 and “Passing The Time” hits your browser’s media player when you visit the site HERE.

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