Caprice on the couch, talking about Confessions Of A Hater

Confessions of a Hater tackles the issue of bullying

Caprice talks With a Little Luck with Connie Martinson

“Effortlessly funny style… often attempted in popular fiction but is rarely this well executed.”

“…laugh-out-loud, snort-inducing hilarious.”

Caprice Crane on The Real Deal with Mike Straka

Caprice Crane on CBS Showbuzz

“…summer’s brightest pool-side read.”

“…laughs galore.”

“…what would happen if ‘Sex and the City’ met ‘Entourage.'”

“…funniest (in a smart way) book ever.”

“…always great to find a truly refreshing novel.”

“…definitely contagious.”

“…absolutely works, because Ms. Crane can absolutely write.”

“…a winner.”

“…two eccentric characters that…you can’t help but love.”

“…Crane makes light comedy, usually so difficult to create and sustain, look effortless.”

“A wonderful new book, Stupid and Contagious (a nod to the Nirvana lyric) … is a funny and brilliant book that I can only recommend.”

“…hilarious snapshot of a generation.”

“…a joy to read.”

“…This is the kind of book I love.”

“…filled with one clever and hilarious surprise after the next.”

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