On Friday March 12th, 2010 at UCBLA at 10pm, Caprice and 139 other awesome folks from the world of comedy, music, sports, and entertainment were gathered by Ben Stiller to perform ONE tweet each, on stage, to a live audience (which is so much better than getting 140 people to perform in front of a dead audience) in the world’s first “live tweet stream” hosted by Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel.

Why did we all get together to humiliate ourselves? Because Ben Stiller told us to. And because he’s the one who organized the whole thing.

The show was filmed (for better or worse—in my case it’s always worse) and the entire show is available on DVD through amazon.com. All proceeds go to a wonderful charity to help rebuild schools in Haiti.

There were laughs, nudity and well… more laughs and more nudity. The event was a blast and for a great cause so check it out.

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