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January 5, 2006 Edition

Dear Max:

What is it with humans? Why do we fuss and fight over evolution verses creation and creation verses evolution? To me it seems that if there is a creation there has to be a “Creator” I learned in math class 0+ anything always =’s 0 so to me that rules out “there was nothing and then there was something” theory..I know your only a small doggie but dog spelled backwards is God and you probably got more wisdom than most people…so what have you heard in these matters?

Confused about “Big bang” verses the “Spoken thang”

Dear Confused,

First, I have to correct a little typo, or ask for a second look at your math teacher’s resume. 0 + anything = *anything*.  And this does leave the question of the “uncaused cause.”  The first law of thermodynamics (the one that says energy can’t be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another) argues against creationism.  But then who or what flipped the switch on the perpetual energy machine?  I wasn’t going to wade into the murky waters of this debate, but just as I did, by way of surveying the landscape, I had to fend off an attack by a giant mosquito.  I bit him in half, and as he crashed into the swamp, he called out these dying words to his smaller buddy:   continued in previous column…

Dear Max:

I’ve got that “not so fresh feeling”. Any advice?

Repulsive To Even Myself

Dear Repulsive,

I feel you, brother (or sister).  For New Year’s, I made the mistake of heading to Vegas for the Nicky Hilton thing.  As you can see, I got knocked down, but I got up again, and the results may be encouraging for those seeking freshness.

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