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January 20, 2006 Edition

Dear Max:

Do you think at age 47, I’m too old to begin a writing career? Or get a book published for kids?

Dabbling in Dallas

Dear Dabbler,

Let’s see. I will turn seven this year. That is roughly 41 in human years. (The 7-year thing is inaccurate.) I still feel like a puppy and so should you. You happen to be the same age as Madonna. Have you ever heard of her? She published a brand new kids book in 2005 at age 47 and before that she was just a singer. Now she’s FAMOUS! So you see? It’s never too late. Write that book!

Dear Max:

I’m leaving my friends and family to go to London to pursue my music. Am I making the right decision? Will I regret being so far out of touch from everyone for so long?

Wandering Soul

Dear Wanderer,

I love London. Mostly because people there have really bad teeth and it makes me feel much better about my under-bite. I think that you are making the right decision. It’s a win/win situation: if you have bad teeth then you’ll fit in. If you have good teeth then you’ll feel pretty good about yourself. Will you regret being out of touch? Yes, at first, I suppose. But just think of all the new friends you’ll be *in touch* with. And if at some point you can’t handle the homesickness, come on back. We’ll be here waiting with open paws.

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