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January 26, 2006 Edition

Dear Max:

My dad got a deal on cemetery plots and bought the family 5 plots. It’s a nice gift, but…kind of morbid. The question is: It’s just my mom, dad, my sister and me. But neither of us is married yet and my sister is anti-marriage. The pressure is on me. What happens if I don’t get married? Will the extra plot go to waste?

Unwed and Not Dead

Dear Unwed,

That was very generous of your father. “A” for creativity. He may have been aiming for a gift you wouldn’t have bought for yourselves, and my guess is he succeeded. Don’t stress. Best case scenario: you find a life mate and you are all buried together. Worst case scenario: No one uses the 5th plot and you all stretch out and get a few extra inches. Who can be mad at that?

Dear Max:

Can we ever be happy with just one person? Whenever I’m in a relationship, I end up feeling…constricted.

Guy Who Digs His Freedom

Dear Freedom Guy,

Well, *I* only have one person and I’m very happy. But my person feeds me and walks me and throws my hedgehog for me many times daily and that’s really all I need. Sounds like you’re a “long-leash” kind of guy. You’ll need a girl who understands that. Maybe you need to first figure out what you do and don’t want and then find someone who fits the profile instead of finding someone first and trying to make them become something that they’re not.

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